Last added Production: [02.09.2005]
Final Audition by Plastic
YAB3DFD by Smash Designs
Perfect Love by lkcc & Bauknecht
fr-046: Basso Continuo by Farbrausch
A deepness in the sky - remix by MFX
Iconoclast by ASD
Sts-04: Instant Zen by Synesthetics
Don´t Stop by Portal Process
The Line Age by Trauma
Che Guevara by Fairlight
Fiat Homo by Traction
195/95 by Plastic
Aether by MFX
Trocken by Bauknecht
Binary Flow by Conspiracy
Death And Taxes by Fairlight
Bugtro by Mostly Harmless

22.04.2006 - Bitfilm Festival 2006:
You belong to the scene and write realtime Demos with neat visual effects and music on descent hardware? Then you should head over to the Bitfilm website to contribute your Demo to the "Bitfilm Festival" and win fame and prices. The winner will receive a price money of 1500 Euros!

Submission deadline is June 1, 2006. The Award Show will take place on September 7 in Hamburg, Germany.

11.02.2006 - Realtime at fmx/06: They want your Demos:
The Realtime Film Festival (May 02 – 04, 2006 in Stuttgart) is one of the most exciting and innovative parts of fmx/06 – the 11th International Conference on Animation, Effects, Realtime and Content (May 03-06-2006), collaborating with the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (April 27 – May 02, 2006).

Note that you can either submit new, exclusive demos but also re-releases of your existing demos!

03.09.2005 - "Sceen" is out NOW:
"Sceen" is some kind of Demoscene magazine. Very interesting. Check out
Issue 01 at

02.09.2005 - "Freax" Volume 1 is out NOW:
The first volume of 'Freax', the big book about the history of the scene is now finished. Visit:

15.06.2004 - Demoscene book released:
The First Book ever about the Demoscene is ready to be released! Titled: "Demoscene:
The Art of Real-Time". 72 pages, full colour, professional quality, various writers, lots of visuals/design. Published by Even Lake Studios &